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Civil Engineering

Why Diploma Engineering?

The course has been designed at producing professionally trained Diploma Engineers to be engaged in Manufacturing and Service Industries all over India.

The course basically focuses to equip the students with technical knowledge and skill so that students can avail placement opportunity through Campus Placement.

The course is highly useful to the students interested for early placement.


The Department of Civil Engineering (DCE) has been set up with a vision of producing high quality technical manpower needed by the industry, R&D organizations and Academic Institutions by imparting quality education through teaching and learning process to develop self-confidence through in-depth understanding of fundamental principles, development of creative ability to handle the challenges of Civil Engineering as per present industry requirement and the analytical ability to solve problems. The Department also encourages its student to engage in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, essential for development, nurturing of team spirit and developing organizational skills. After successful completion of this degree course, one can go for a post-graduate and doctoral program, if he is interested in research or teaching. There are ample opportunity for jobs, in both government and private organizations in the field of Infrastructure sectors, Real-Estate sectors, Gas & Oil sectors, Industrial sectors and R&D organizations.

For any queries, please contact on hodce@rec.ac.in

Vision of the Institution:

To become an Institution of Academic Excellence in technical education, innovative research, and entrepreneurship.

Mission of the Institution :

1. To educate students through academic courses and provide knowledge of social and industrial needs.

2. To collaborate with leading academic and scientific institutions across the globe to further enhance education and research.

3. To motivate young students on a sense of social responsibility through entrepreneurship and startup.

Vision of the Department:

To develop a Civil Engineering Department through quality education and inspire students to become entrepreneurs to improve society.

Mission of the Department :

1. To foster quality education, research, and consultation work for industry and society.

2. To generate the next generation of visionary academicians and business leaders through industry-institute interaction.

3.Enable students to address social and technical challenges with ethical value.