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Different labs of Civil Engineering:

1.Mechanics of Solids Lab

Testing of materials for their strength under the action of external loads is studied in this lab. Knowledge of strength of Metals and non-metals is essential before its use in any structure and designing

2. Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machine Lab:

The properties of fluid and its application in the field of engineering are studied in this lab. Hydraulic, impulse and reaction type turbines, centrifugal and reciprocating pumps and other flow measuring devices are some of the equipment in this lab.

3. IC Engine & Gas Turbine Lab:

The Burmister Lab of Transportation Engineering, situated within the Civil Engineering Department at REC, BBSR, is a pivotal hub for exploring the intricacies of transportation materials and processes. Equipped with essential instruments such as the Film Stripping Device, Ductility Testing Machine, and Viscosity Test apparatus for bitumen, students delve into the properties and behavior of transportation materials. The Film Stripping Device assesses the adhesion between asphalt and aggregates, crucial for pavement durability. The Ductility Testing Machine measures the elongation properties of bitumen, vital for understanding its flexibility and resistance to cracking. Viscosity tests of bitumen help in evaluating its flow characteristics, essential for proper road construction. Through experimentation in this lab, students gain practical insights into material testing methodologies, enhancing their understanding of transportation engineering principles and preparing them for real-world applications in infrastructure development.

4. Kinematics &Dynamics /Mechanical Measurement Lab

The lab has various models to demonstrate the important concepts of Kinematics of machines. Besides these various mechanical measurement devises are also studied in this lab.

5. Heat Transfer /Engineering Thermodynamics Lab

Heat transfer considered as an important aspect of Mechanical Engineering. The lab provides the facilities for imparting practical knowledge to the students on the related concepts of heat transfer in thermal power plants, gas turbines, steam turbines and Heat exchanger.

6. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab

This lab has the facilities for providing knowledge of domestic refrigerators and its components, concepts of cooling, heating and ventilation.

7. Advanced Lab

This lab includes computer Aided Drafting, which is taught using common software like AutoCAD, Pro-E, and CATIA etc.

8. Engineering Workshop Lab

This lab is fully equipped with various machines like; lathe, milling, turning, shaping and grinding etc. The facilities available in the lab are fully utilized by the students to undertake their project works.

9. Engineering Drawing Lab:

The department has two exclusive ED labs having each of capacity 60 and is utilized by all the departments.

10.Project Labs

This lab consists of various unique projects undertaken by the students and faculties of the department.